Booking Tips
It's quite obvious that everyone want to get maximum benefits with online flight booking process. But the only way to get maximum benefits is to book as early as possible or at least try to book air tickets one month prior to your scheduled departure date.
Weekdays are actually cheapest time to book a flight as less people travel during the midweek. By and large all airlines offer cheap tickets on Wednesday's rather than on Friday's, Saturday's or even on Sunday's.
The reason behind this is that maximum of working folks or families going on outings prefer to start from weekends. In short, making a travel plan that begins on Wednesday or Thursday can save few bucks going down the drain. Key here is Wednesday as cheapest day.
Booking flight tickets for making a journey during odd hours is a good strategy to safe money. As many people don't prefer to travel during late night, mid night, too early morning or sometime even afternoon lunch hours.
All these are odd operational hours for airlines and hence they offer discounts for booking flights during these hours. Bottom line here is that time your travel plan wisely to squeeze maximum benefit from your flight booking.

Making a travel plan during off season is also a good strategy to safe precious money. During the off season rush of tourists is at its lowest level. Hence, airlines give special discounts or offers of cheap airfare to magnetize tourists to go flight bookings.
All in all, if you don't have any limitations to wait for summer or Christmas vacations, then going for off season booking certainly is best deal.
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All air lines offer special discounts on booking non refundable air ticket as it is a sort of guarantee that the person will not change his/her plans at eleventh hour. So, if you are sure about your travel plan, then going for a non refundable ticket indeed is a good strategy.
Never leave any thing on chance. So, be inquisitive and ask questions from your booking agent about discounts, offers and best deals. All airlines have some hidden deals or benefits for customers which they reveal only if they find them to be necessary. Don't be shy otherwise it could cost you heavily. Always keep your eye's and ear's open to stay active..
Going by indirect routes is always cheap although it is bit more time killing. So, if you really don't care for time or in other words have ample in your kitty, then taking indirect routes to desired destination is a wise decision.
In nut shell, a well executed flight ticket booking plan can take any traveling experience to the next level. By applying these proven and trusted tips there is always a good chance to save few bucks to spend more on shopping.
But in the mean time it is quite true that so many things are happening around us all the times. Hence, it becomes pretty difficult at times to keep track even of important occurrences airline world.
So, it's better to take advice from some professional and experienced players. Here I would suggest go for Vistara flight ticket booking as your trusted partner.
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