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To fulfill the client’s specific requirement Vistara Tours make arrangements by hiring services of further independent vendors or suppliers. In making arrangements for airlines, hotels, local transport and other supplies we only act as an intermediate or booking agent for the owners of these services. We are not a co-vendor in any case. In addition to our general terms and conditions you are automatically bound to accept the terms and conditions of these different vendors and also the rules and regulations as stated in the law of the land in which you are travelling. Before signing any travel agreement you make sure to meticulously go through and comprehend all these related terms and conditions.
After filling our basic agreement form you have to submit an initial booking fee as token amount along with the form. Please note here that the initial booking fee submitted along with the form is non refundable in all cases. We charge this initial token amount to hold your reservation. This token amount will be adjusted against the total accurate amount of the tour package, which will be revealed later on after getting complete necessary documents with in a stipulated time period. The full and final amount of tour package is subject to change at any stage pertaining to the change in volatile prices of fuel, taxes and currency exchange rates. We solely reserve the right to pass any such increase in the price of above mentioned commodities directly to the customers.
You are solely accountable for making arrangements of authorized passport and valid visa for travelling to a specific country. However, on customers request we can extend our services to complete the formalities for obtaining and renewal of passport and visa. Any such obligatory service will subject to the availability of your complete authorized and valid documents. Further, it is your responsibility to make sure that correct personal details are mentioned on all your documents submitted to us. In case, if there is any discrepancy or typing error it is yet again your liability to get it rectified as soon as possible prior to travelling. Please note here that your passport, visa and other documents are precious and your only identity in a foreign land. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take very good care of all these documents throughout the entire travelling period.
You are absolutely free to cancel your travel plan or package at any stage as per your requirement. However, in any such case you will be entitled for refund of a partial amount only. Please note that you will be entitled for this partial refund only, in case you will give cancelation information at least 7 days prior to your scheduled date of departure. Furthermore, we will deposit the refund amount in your bank account as soon as we will get the same from our vendors or suppliers. Normally, this refund procedure consumes at least a time period of 15 days to 30 days. We don’t hold any responsibility in case the vendor or supplier refuse to refund the amount. We solely reserve to amend or change any or all the rights related to our refund policy in order to avoid any contentious issues later on at any stage.
We provide health and security advisories to all our customers based on our latest information. However, we recommend you to get the health and security advisories from the concerned department i.e. Department of Health and Department of Foreign Affairs pertinent to your travelling destination. Additionally, you are solely responsible for all sorts of security risks by traveling to any destination of your choice.
Travelling to few selected destinations which you intend to visit may require apt prior vaccination. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are aptly vaccinated before visiting such selected destinations to avoid any sort of last minute chaos.

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